The Historic Center and Nearby

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Plaza Puerta del Sol incl. Statue of Charles V, the bear and the strawberry tree (symbol of the city), and ooking west towards a wonderful bakery
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Plaza Mayor with statue of Philip II, who ordered construction in 1617 and Casa de la Panaderia with allegorical paintings
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Palacio Real (Royal Palace)  


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Typical street signs,
designed for the times
when few people could read


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Plaza Santa Cruz, incl
Palacio de Santa Cruz (built as a 17th C.court prison) now the Foreign Ministry


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Church of
San Miguel


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Mercado (market) de San Miguel housed in 19th C. iron structure activities


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Cathedral de
Nuestra Senora
de la Almundera


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Buen Retiro Park - Monument of Alfonso XII


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Las Ventas the plaza de toros


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San Isidro (patron saint of Madrid) Festival
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Cathedral of San Isidro

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Plaza dela Villa incl. Town Hall (~1640s) and Torre de los Lujanes, the
15th C. prison in Mudejar (Moorish) style

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Walking around town