Day Trip to Segovia

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12th c. Romanesque
church of
San Millan
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12th c.
church of
San Clemente
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12th c. Romanesque
church of
San Andres
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Segovia Cathedral
Begun in
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Church of San Miguel,
where Isabella was crowned
queen of Castile

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Roman Aqueduct 1st C. structure of granite that
uses no mortar, is still usable (and was in use through the middle of the 20th C.)

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The Alcazar (fortress/castle) with vies from its walls

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Dr. Laguna
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Monastery of
San Antonio el Real
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A remarkable old 11th C. church that had beautiful frescos and a statue of Christ with articulated arms given to the church in the 1080s when Segovia was recaptured from the Moors. Note the stork nests on the roof - quite
common among the old churches in Spain.

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Around town